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Exploring Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Living with chronic pain is like being in a relentless tug of war-with your own body. It’s more than just a symptom; it’s a complex experience that affects you physically and psychologically, diminishing the quality of life and clouding the joy of daily experiences. At Oklahoma Hand Physical Therapy, we see chronic pain not just … Read more

Living With Pain? Don’t Turn to Drugs – Treat it Naturally with Physical Therapy

Did You Know Physical Therapy Can Treat Pain Even More Effectively Than Pain-Relieving Drugs? Pain can be a helpful messenger, an alert that something in your body needs fixing ‒ but it can also be an agonizing annoyance that ruins your quality of life. To make matters worse, many pain problems are rooted in deep-set … Read more

Back Pain Got You Bedridden? Get Back On Your Feet With Physical Therapy

When you suffer chronic back pain, it can feel as though your entire life is disrupted. Workplace pain can lead to lower productivity, more sick days, and more stress. You may not be able to care for yourself or your loved ones if you are in pain at home. Chronic back pain can make it … Read more

Put Down The Painkillers: A PT Can Provide You Better Pain Relief!

On average, 130 people die of an opioid overdose every day in the United States. It’s a stunning statistic that sadly impacts nearly every community in our country since opioid abuse and addiction affect people from all walks of life. Many people who become addicted to opioids were first prescribed them by a medical doctor … Read more

7 Reasons To Start Stretching Every Day

Stretching before and after a workout or other rigorous physical activity is undoubtedly something you’ve heard about. While this is true, stretching on a daily basis is also useful whether or not you are undertaking any type of physical activity. Stretching on a daily basis has numerous advantages. Stretching can be made more effective with … Read more

Herniated Discs: Understanding the Cause of Your Back Pain And Discomfort

Living with back pain can be aggravating, especially when it appears that nothing you do helps. It could be that a herniated disc is the culprit of your pain and discomfort. If this is the case, a physical therapist can help you feel better and even help the injured disc heal. If you’re concerned about … Read more

Kick Chronic Hip and Knee Pain To The Curb

Joint pain is one of the most common forms of pain to develop with age. Whether as a result of wear and tear over time, or as a result of an injury that never healed correctly, joint pain can significantly interfere with your quality of life and ability to move around freely. Two of the … Read more

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life: The Secret To Feeling Your Best Is In Your Kitchen!

The food you eat has a significant impact on your energy level and waistline. What’s more difficult to remember is that your dietary choices have an impact on joint pain as well! At our physical therapy facility, we believe in taking a holistic approach to treating acute and chronic pain. You’re not merely a diagnosis … Read more