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Oklahoma Hand & PT Wellness Program

As a physical therapy clinic, we often treat people after injury, surgery, or when pain becomes too much to bear.
If there is one thing that we know from providing years of physical therapy to a vast number of people, it’s that prevention is critical. Why wait for something to go wrong? Why let pain, stiffness, and loss of function occur when it could be avoided in the first place?
Welcome to Moving into Wellness
Why do we not prevent, but instead wait until we get bad enough to seek help?
  • Not being comfortable in the typical “gym” setting
  • Not carving out time to be consistent with activities that benefit our health and wellness.
  • No motivation to structure our own program or not knowing where to start
  • Lack of results to keep you progressing
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Moving into Wellness is a proactive approach to get and keep you healthier, more mobile, and feeling great!

What is it?
  • An assessment of your physical limitations by our experts in movement where your goals are a focus
  • Goals and targets are set and progress is monitored
  • A hands-on approach to improve flexibility and mobility EVERY visit
  • A structured program designed for you. You NEVER have to come up with your own workout plan
  • Results! Ongoing communication with your coach to make your success happen!
Are you unsure if physical therapy is right for you? Would you prefer to talk with a PT before making a decision? All you have to do is click the link below to fill out a simple form.
*Note: there is no treatment given at one of our taster sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.
Why are we different?
  • With a physical therapy background, your coach has a knowledge of movement, body mechanics, and muscle and joint dysfunction unlike other providers. Who is better to help you than a coach that is an expert in this area?
  • We have years of medical training and continuing education that allows for the development of a safe, customized program that is specific to you. Your program should be developed by someone highly skilled, not someone that has taken a weekend class or basic certification.
  • How do you move better if your body only moves in certain ways? This is where our hands-on focus allows you flexibility and movement in ways that you thought that you would never get back!
  • A hands-on approach WITH EACH SESSION helps you MOVE better, so you FEEL better!
  • You are never placed in a series of stations. Your goals and issues are unique to you, so why would everyone be doing the same program? We customize your program to you!
  • Goal tracking and results! You will FEEL the difference!
Are you concerned about a decline in your ability to move, exert force, or be as steady as you used to be?
Are you thinking “this is just normal aging?”
Can you handle 20-30 more years of a decline without taking some action?

THEN YES! Moving into Wellness is for you!

How do you start your path to a better you?
  • Talk to Rhonda or Tamara to schedule your assessment.
  • We have a program that’s a fit for everyone!

Why aren’t you Moving?

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