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Got a Surgery Coming Up? Book Ahead With Your PT

Do you have a surgery planned soon? It’s natural to be concerned about how well the surgery is going or how long the recovery will take. The prospect of surgery can be both intimidating and frightening.

Many people participate in post-operative physical therapy exercises as part of their treatment plan, which is undeniably helpful to the healing process. However, completing the pre-surgical recovery plan has several benefits!

Fortunately, at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy in Tulsa, OK, we can help you put your mind at ease.

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How does pre-hab help you recover?

Surgery can have a crippling effect on the body, so it is typically performed only when no other options are available.

According to the National Institutes of Health, participating in pre-surgical exercise therapy will improve your postoperative outcomes and shorten your recovery period.

Pre-hab exercises are designed to improve the range of motion and movement habits before and after surgery. Pre-hab aids in the preparation of the body for surgery by increasing intensity and facilitating pain relief before surgery. By cultivating an overall sense of well-being, you can also emotionally schedule, ensuring that you are doing everything possible to ensure the best results.

When you are as strong, flexible, and healthy as you can be after surgery, you will be able to regain normal function much more quickly. By consulting with one of our Tulsa, OK physical therapists, you can find out what treatment plan is best for you to achieve optimum results.

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6 reasons to choose physical therapy before surgery

Starting a pre-hab program means that you will be able to establish a positive training routine that you will already be used to before your surgery and that you can also partake in during recovery for a better outcome. 

1. It decreases your risk of developing complications.

Physical therapy methods (particularly those that include exercise programs) can aid in the improvement of your strength and endurance. As a result, the overall immunity will increase, making the chance of infection after surgery much less likely.

2. Improving overall outcome of surgery.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) states that pre-hab can improve the overall outcomes of surgery, and can even help in saving money if everything goes smoothly. The stronger you are before the surgery, the more likely the surgery will be successful.

3. It decreases recovery time.

Having strong and toned muscles before surgery helps you get back to your routine much quicker. Your recovery should go much smoother than it would without physical therapy treatment if you choose to complete a pre-hab program before your surgery.

4. It relieves your pain from the start.

No matter what your surgery might be for, through pre-hab, our physical therapist may help reduce your existing discomfort, as well as decrease the chances of you being in serious pain after your operation. A variety of techniques, like exercise, massage, or ice and heat treatments, may be utilized to help ease or eliminate your pain.

5. It improves your stamina.

Whatever surgery a person has to have, they almost always experience a lack of strength and control over their bodies and energy levels afterward. Pre-hab, on the other hand, can help to minimize how much power is wasted by increasing a person’s flexibility before the surgery. Physical exercise before surgery will improve general stamina and make the surgery much easier.

6. You may avoid surgery altogether.

You read that right! There is a chance that your pre-hab treatments work so well in improving your pain and overall condition, that it may be possible to avoid surgery altogether. Some patients found that their pre-surgical therapy treatments did wonders, and were sufficient enough in reducing their pain that they canceled their procedure. If your condition begins to improve considerably after starting physical therapy, you’ll want to consult with your physician regarding future treatment options and the possibility of avoiding surgery!

Let us help you prepare for your surgery!

It’s no secret that preparing for an operation can be stressful, but a pre-hab program might be able to provide you with some relief. Many surgical patients have benefited from pre-surgical recovery, and it could be a good match for you as well!

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