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Exploring Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Living with chronic pain is like being in a relentless tug of war-with your own body. It’s more than just a symptom; it’s a complex experience that affects you physically and psychologically, diminishing the quality of life and clouding the joy of daily experiences. At Oklahoma Hand Physical Therapy, we see chronic pain not just … Read more

5 Reasons You Might Need Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy clinic works with older adults, men, women, and children who are dealing with a variety of acute and chronic health issues. But we can assist with more than just pain! Our physical therapists have all completed advanced training in anatomy, human movement, and other areas. This means that a physical therapist can … Read more

These 5 Types of Therapy Can Help You Stop Living With Chronic Pain!

You could be one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain. Whether you’re recovering from major surgery, dealing with the physical aftermath of an accident, or dealing with a long-term medical condition, pain can keep you from doing the things you enjoy. Maybe you are considering more surgeries or strong medication to … Read more