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3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help With Stress-Related Headaches

Did you know that headaches rank third among the most prevalent types of pain? That is correct. Headaches are very frequent and can be extremely debilitating, affecting a person’s quality of life. Dealing with headaches on a daily basis can be incredibly difficult and it can leave a person fatigued. Fortunately, through physical therapy, long … Read more

Are Frequent Headaches Controlling Your Life? You Could Find Relief Through Physical Therapy

Have you noticed pain on one side of your head? Do you have tension in the neck that radiates up and leaves you with a nagging headache? There are many different types of headaches and various causes for each of them. Fortunately, the therapists at Oklahoma Hand & PT know how to figure out where … Read more

Chronic Headache Pain Is Holding You Back? Here Comes PT To The Rescue!

Stress-related headaches can severely impair your quality of life, preventing you from doing your job, spending time with your family, or going about your business in any way. As your headaches obstruct your ability to perform routine tasks, things can start to add up on your to-do list, and you may soon feel as if … Read more