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Benefits of Pre-Hab: How Can Therapy Before Surgery Help You?

It’s no secret that physical therapy helps you heal faster after an injury or surgery. But what if there was a method to avoid an injury altogether? What if you could speed up your recovery from surgery even before you go under the knife? Pre-hab, also known as preventative rehabilitation, helps patients heal faster after … Read more

Preparing for Surgery? Try Pre-hab to Speed up Your Recovery Process.

If you’re having surgery, you’re probably already aware that rehabilitation is a critical aspect of the recovery process. Patients benefit from post-surgical rehab because it helps them get back on their feet and restores their full range of motion. What most people don’t know, however, is that pre-surgical rehabilitation (pre-hab) can significantly speed up your … Read more

Preparing Your Body For Surgery Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

Do you have a surgery on the books this year? Have you thought about preparing your body for what it’s about to go through? Surgery is a serious event, and our bodies heal from them the same way they heal from trauma. That’s why it’s imperative to prepare your body so that recovery can be … Read more