Hand Therapy

Since obtaining specialty certification in 2010, we have been helping people with pain, injury, and chronic conditions affecting the arm and hand that limit your ability to perform daily activities.

About OHPT Hand Therapy

What you need to know about hand therapy at Oklahoma Hand Therapy:

  1. The hand therapy certification includes neck to hand and everything in between.  It is not limited to helping with only hand issues, but neck, shoulder and elbow as well. 
  2. It reduces pain, numbness, tingling and sensitivity.  Due to the complex nerve connections in the arm, you may need help with any of these concerns and this is our specialty. 
  3. It feels good. Day to day stress, posture, and use of your hands can take a toll on you, but we are here to help.
  4. Evaluation is the key to helping you the most.  Our initial visit will help you understand why you have pain, tension, numbness/tingling, or weakness and the treatment is always customized to you.
  5. Providing you with a path to wellness is our goal.  Once we get you feeling and moving better and returning to your activities, we want to guide you in how to continue to manage.  We have programs in place to allow you to do this.
  6. Common conditions include shoulder issues like rotator cuff injuries and tendonitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel (wrist) and cubital tunnel (elbow) nerve issues, thumb arthritis/pain, and trauma (fractures, tendon injuries).  These conditions may or may not be after surgery.
  7. Sometimes splints are needed to assist in recovery and management.  Customized splinting is available.

How Hand Therapy Helps People

Hand Therapy Helps People Who:

  • Have pain, weakness, numbness, tingling or sensitivity in the arms and/or hands.
  • Have had pain for a long time and need a solution
  • Want an exam to understand what is wrong and how it can get better
  • Understand that when weakness develops, getting help as soon as possible is critical
  • Want a different option other than surgery
  • Want a long-term solution to their problem and a partner for their overall health & well being
  • Have neck pain, tension, and/or headaches that can affect their arms and hands
  • Have experienced an injury that has required casting, surgery, or splinting, and they need to regain the use of their arms and hands

How Can We Help You?

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