Worker’s Compensation Treatment

Workers' Compensation Treatment and Physical Therapy

Work injuries can leave you in chronic pain or struggling with limited mobility. Injuries, both minor and severe, can affect your quality of life. Physical therapy offers drug-free relief for even some of the most painful symptoms. At Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy, our trained physical therapists help you regain your strength and mobility and recover from your injuries more quickly.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a mandatory insurance program designed to ensure that workers who experience on-the-job injuries or job-related illnesses are compensated for medical care, lost wages, and any type of long term disability resulting from these occurrences.

Does Workers' Compensation Include Physical Therapy?

Is physical therapy considered medical care? Will workers’ compensation pay for your physical therapy? Under some circumstances, yes.


Under workers’ comp, employers (or their workers’ comp insurance carriers) are responsible for paying for reasonably necessary medical treatment associated with a workplace injury. So if your treating physician recommends particular therapies, treatments, etc., as necessary to your treatment and recovery, workers’ comp must pay for those therapies, treatments, etc. It should be noted there are limits/guidelines to every workers’ compensation program. 


Because physical therapy is frequently recommended by treating physicians as reasonably necessary treatment, it is often paid for by workers’ comp. This may include physical therapy treatment immediately following an injury  to aid in recovery or rehabilitation, as well as rehabilitative therapy after a surgical procedure related to a workplace injury.

How Long Will Workers’ Compensation Cover the Cost of My Physical Therapy?

In some cases, workers’ comp may cover the cost of ongoing physical therapy, at least for a certain duration of time, when a workplace injury has caused long term disability.


In other words, as long as your physical therapy is ordered by an authorized treating physician as a medically necessary component of your overall injury treatment, workers’ compensation will likely cover the cost of it. 


This is true for the duration of necessary treatment. So as long as your treating physician feels you can benefit from therapy and are making progress with your recovery aided by that therapy, your physical therapy could be covered. Once your doctor feels you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, coverage for physical therapy treatments is typically removed, meaning workers’ comp will no longer pay for it.  

If you have any questions about workers’ compensation related to physical therapy, please contact Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy today!

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