Work Conditioning and Return To Work Rehabilitation

If you’ve experienced a work-related injury and need rehabilitation, a physical therapy work conditioning program may be recommended. At Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy our work conditioning program focuses on preparing your body to physically be able to complete tasks required at work. Our physical therapists assist you in improving strength, flexibility and endurance, equipping you to safely return to the job you were performing before you sustained your injury.

Components of a Work Conditioning Program

Your treatment plan will vary depending on your specific needs, and the exercises and practiced movements in your plan will be job specific. However, there are some general components present in work conditioning programs across the board. These components may include:


  • 2-4 hour progressive program attended 3-5 days per week
  • Licensed OT/PT supervision
  • Emphasis on job simulation tasks for specific job return
  • Emphasis on injury prevention and the teaching of correct body mechanics/safe movement patterns
  • Exercise programming tailored toward improving flexibility, strength, and endurance necessary for a successful return to work
  • Home exercise program to ensure long term success
  • Comprehensive patient education on pacing, stress management, back care, and injury prevention. 


The ultimate goal of our work conditioning rehabilitation is to prepare you to return to full or modified duty at work.

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