Tulsa Physical Therapy

For over 21 years, we have been helping people to recover from injury, decrease their pain, move and feel better, and return to life without spending valuable time and money on physician visits and medications.

About OHPT Physical Therapy

What you need to know about physical therapy at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy:

  1. It reduces pain.  Although pain can be a signal that something is wrong, once the cause is properly assessed and treatment begins, you can move and feel better to allow you to return to your regular activities.
  2. It feels good.  Even though experiences or other people have told you that physical therapy hurts, we strive for the opposite.  Our goal is to make you feel better.
  3. Evaluation is the key to helping you the most.  Our initial visit will help you understand why you hurt, have tension, or cannot move and participate in the things that you want and need to do.
  4. We help people avoid unnecessary testing, injections, and surgery and decrease the need for medications.  Whether you have a chronic ongoing condition or a sudden acute onset, we are here to help you.
  5. Providing you with a path to wellness is our goal.  Once we get you feeling and moving better and returning to your activities, we want to guide you in how to continue to manage.  We have programs in place to allow you to do this.
  6. We assess and treat you as a person.  So whether you have headaches, neck pain and tension, back pain, arm or leg issues, or hand or foot/ankle problems, we have extensive training to address it all.

How Physical Therapy Helps People

Physical Therapy Helps People Who:

  • Have a sudden injury, “tweak” or feel like something has slipped out of place
  • Have had pain for a long time and need a solution
  • Want an exam to understand what is wrong and how it can get better
  • Do not want injections or to take any more medications
  • Want a different option other than surgery
  • Have tried “physical therapy” somewhere else before that did not help.
  • Have relied on chiropractic care or doctor’s visits and are not any better
  • Don’t just want a sheet of exercises or to be stuck on a bike
  • Want a long-term solution to their problem and partner for their overall health & well being

How Can We Help You?

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