Certified Hand Therapy

What Is Certified Hand Therapy?

A hand therapist is a physical therapist or occupational therapist specializing in treating conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. A qualified hand therapist has completed extensive studies and experience and can evaluate and treat any problem related to the upper extremities (neck to hand and anything in between).

Whether your needs involve post-operative or preventative rehabilitation, non-operative or conservative treatment, or industry consultation, the certified hand therapists at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy can help! Your therapist will work closely with you (and your medical team, if applicable) to provide individualized treatment and a continuum of care.

What Should I Expect in a Hand Therapy Session?

Your physical therapist will provide an accurate assessment, immediate care, and effective treatment designed to fit your specific needs. This treatment plan will assist in a faster recovery, thereby decreasing your overall medical costs and ensuring a faster return to both work and a productive lifestyle. We are pleased to provide the most comprehensive care for each of our patients. 


Some specific benefits of hand therapy at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy include:


  • Effectiveness in reducing pain, numbness, tingling, and sensitivity
  • Helps you understand why you have pain, tension, weakness, etc
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Guidance in how to manage, even after you’re feeling better
  • Pain relief from issues like rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis of the shoulder or elbow, carpal tunnel (wrist), cubital tunnel (elbow) nerve issues, thumb arthritis/pain, as well as trauma (fractures, tendon injuries)
  • Customized splinting when necessary

Who Can Benefit From Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy is useful in a variety of cases, but generally speaking if any of the following apply to you, hand therapy may be a great fit:

  • Have pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, or sensitivity in the upper extremity
  • Have had long time or chronic pain and are in need of a solution
  • Want to gain understanding of what is wrong and how to alleviate it
  • Want an option other than surgery
  • Are seeking a long-term solution to a problem and want to improve overall health and well being
  • Have neck pain, tension, and/or headaches that can affect arms and hands
  • Have experienced an injury requiring casting, surgery, or splinting and need to regain the use of your arms or hands

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At Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy, we provide a hands on approach to provide recovery from pain or injury. Beginning with a manual approach, followed by an at home program, our customized treatment plans offer specific benefits to help you recover faster. If you are in need of hand or physical therapy, contact us today!

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