Pre-Injury Screening

What is Pre-injury Screening?

At Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy, we help people recover from injuries on a daily basis. Treatment in medicine tends to be reactionary, but if we can prevent you from becoming injured in the first place, that is always preferable! 


As physical therapists, we are experts when it comes to movement! We can take you through a series of sport-related tasks to assess your risk of injuries. This assessment allows us to identify faulty movement patterns that may increase your risk of injury. 


Preventative interventions equip you with a plan for improvement and are beneficial in avoiding sports injuries. Our pre-injury screening is designed to help us formulate a plan to address any identified deficits and form an injury prevention or performance enhancement program to suit your needs. 

Our physical therapists want to help you understand any pain you may be having or movement patterns that may be detrimental to your health. And then we want to equip you with recommendations to keep you functioning at your best! Call us today!

How Can We Help You?

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