Chronic Pain and Stiffness

Get Rid of Chronic Pain and Stiffness with Physical Therapy

Do you struggle with chronic pain that keeps you from living the life you want? You’re not alone! Millions of adults experience persistent or chronic pain. In fact, 8 percent of all adults in the United States suffer from chronic back pain! 

Chronic pain can be debilitating. Caused by a variety of underlying issues, chronic pain may make you wish you could spend your days in bed. With the help of the physical therapists at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy, we can help you overcome your chronic pain!

What Areas of Chronic Pain and Stiffness Can Physical Therapy Help?

  • Headaches caused by postural syndromes and work-related activities
  • Neck pain caused by car accidents, postural syndromes, work-related activity
  • Lower back pain caused by car accidents, lifting injuries, slip-and-falls
  • Hip pain as a result of osteoarthritis or injury
  • Knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis and sports injuries

How Does Physical Therapy Help Chronic Pain and Stiffness?

Our physical therapists assist in the treatment of chronic pain through:

Patient Education

We help you understand that chronic pain is complex and involves more than damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint tissues. Emotions, depression, anxiety, tissue damage, and more all play a part in chronic pain that may be addressed by physical therapy.

Hands-On Treatment

Soft tissue and spinal manipulative techniques are employed to help decrease pain and increase mobility.

Graded Exercise Programs

Graded exercise programs increase the duration and intensity of exercise slowly and gradually, improving your strength, endurance, and mobility. Graded exercise programs can make daily activities like getting out of the car, climbing stairs, or walking long distances easier.

Posture and Body Mechanics Instructions

Postural problems are a major contributor to chronic pain. Understanding how to properly lift, sit, bend, and reach during your daily activities can help correct postural problems. Stretching and strengthening can assist in the return to normal daily activities, as well.

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