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Injury or aging can bring on aches and pains and loss of mobility, and many treatment options don’t work for all patients. Many people don’t understand physical therapy can benefit them.

Relief from Aches, Pains, Weakness, Loss of Mobility

Tulsa’s Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy is passionate about assisting individuals suffering from musculoskeletal aches and pains and loss of function and ability that impacts quality of life.

Even if other treatment options have failed, with two decades of experience, we offer another option to help those suffering from aches, pains, weakness or loss of mobility due to aging or injury.

Experienced Tulsa Physical Therapist

“We use our 22 years of experience, a hands-on approach, and active listening to our patients’ needs— which translates to successful outcomes,” says Rhonda Millet, physical therapist and spokesperson for Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy.

With a patient centered approach, we begin with a thorough evaluation and move forward through a plan to achieve patient goals.

We hope to educate patients, helping them to realize that physical therapy should be the first choice above all else for musculoskeletal aches, pains, weakness, and loss of mobility.

Physical Therapy – When Other Modalities Have Failed

For patients who have tried treating their pain with chiropractic care, massage therapy, or other options unsuccessfully, the experience and hands on approach at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy can be life changing.

Here, patients and their goals are the focus, not corporate finances and other similar pressures. And, patients can be seen at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy for 30 days without seeing a doctor first. 

“Over and over, I’ve seen a variety of patients that either have traumatic or devastating loss of function and ability that has impacted their life. And I knew I could help them. Or I’ve seen people out there who need help and have tried other things and didn’t feel like there was anything else left for them [to try]. That’s what drives my passion. [I’ve spent] over 21 years doing this, and done a lot of continuing education. I have a skill set that can make a difference for those people,”

Rhonda Millet – Tulsa Physical Therapist And Certified Hand Therapist

Physical therapy at Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy reduces pain, feels good, helps people understand why they have discomfort, assists in avoiding unnecessary testing, and provides a path to wellness.

Most importantly, Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy assesses and treats everyone as an individual person. No matter the area of the body in discomfort, we have the experience and extensive training to treat it all. 

Tulsa’s Most Experienced Physical Therapy Solution

With over 22 years of experience, Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy provides a personable, customized approach to physical therapy for Tulsa.

Our therapy team is made up of therapists holding multiple expert-level hand therapy and physical therapy certifications.

Getting patients back to activities that matter most in life is our passion, and we work to achieve this by forming a partnership with each patient. 

If you’re starting to feel the signs of aging, Oklahoma Hand and Physical Therapy can help.

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